Memphis, Tennessee

July 9, 2010

I attended Graves Road Elementary School for grades 1-8 from 1956-64. When my daughters were about 5 years old, I took them to Memphis for a visit, and we went to see my old elementary school. They weren't impressed. I thought it had shrunk. I distinctly remember the ceilings being higher and the halls being wider and longer. Maybe I'm just wider. And the playground wasn't as big as I remembered either. Oh well.

My mother saved a box of my stuff and shipped it to me when she moved from Whitehaven in 1997. Inside was one of my old wallets which contained a bunch of pictures. Some of them were taken in high school, but a few were from Graves. I have scanned these and a lot of other old and recent photos of Graves alumni. Most of these are listed in the menu above.

School Pictures 1 - Graves alumni pictures taken at Graves
School Pictures 2 - Pictures of Graves alumni taken in high school
Cheerleaders - Anne Elmore Greer's picture of the 1963-64 cheerleaders
Cheerleaders - Terry James's picture of the 1967-68 cheerleaders
Graves/Westwood Alumni - Pictures taken at the Westwood reunion in May 2003
Graves/Hillcrest Alumni - More pictures taken in May 2003
Alumni Quiz - See if you can recognize Graves alumni today
Quiz Answers - Side by side pictures of Graves alumni yesterday and today
4th Grade Rhythm Band - Self-explanatory
Football team - 1964 Graves Colts
More football - Terry James's picture of the 1967-68 football team
E-Mail List - Graves alumni
Teacher Pictures - Recent pictures of three Graves teachers
Cindy at Graves - Pictures of me in each grade at Graves

If you have some old photos that you would like to share, scan them as JPG files (not BMP files, please) and e-mail them to me.

The City of Memphis Schools has a web site for Graves here, but it's really not very informative.

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