Graves Football Team

February 17, 2005

Johnny Harlow sent this to me. He was about 3 years behind us, so most of these kids are younger than we are. I'm pretty sure this picture was taken in the fall of 1964, so we would have been in the 9th grade and no longer at Graves.

I had to reduce the quality of the picture so it would load faster (some of us are still using dial-up connections). If you want a better file, let me know, and I will e-mail it to you.

Back row (L-R), 1 Bobby Griffith, 3 William Offenheusle, 4 David Love, 5 Billy Barnett, 6 Charlie Forsythe, 7 Jimmy Dale Simms, 9 Billy Bigham, 10 Don Cook, 11 Bobby Nobles, 12 Coach Dave Lipsey
Middle row (L-R), 1 John Land, 2 David Andrews, 3 Bobby Worsham, 4 Gordy Reed, 5 Johnny Harlow, 6 Don Helms, 7 Tommy Bigham, 9 Ricky Johns, 10 Archie Wiley
Front row (L-R), 1 Tommy Kent, 3 Chuck Harper, 6 Sammy Gamble, 7 Mike Hanna, 8 ? Sims

Thanks to John Scott, Annabel Scott, Marion Oliver, and Jennifer Cooper for their help in identifying these guys. If you can help us fill in the blanks, write to me.

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