'67-'68 Graves Football Team

July 9, 2010

Terry James sent me this picture of the '67-68 Graves football team.

To see an enlarged view of the picture, click on this link ( Football ), and the picture will open in a new browser window. When it opens, you may need to click on the picture to zoom to full size. You can also right click and save the jpg file.

The only players Terry can identify are: Dana Key (41), Mike Grunkemeyer (65), Bruce Holbrook (50), Tom Stockdale (40), James Ponder (77), Mike Anderson (82), Eddy De Garmo (63), Bobby Bundy (83), Roney Dougan (31), John Nix (81), Ronny sheppard (23) and Billy Whitehead (71). If you can help us fill in the blanks, write to me.

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