4th Grade Rhythm Band

January 9, 2003

Here is a portion of the picture taken of us in the 4th grade rhythm band. I think we are at the Hotel King Cotton, and I'm sure we are singing some song that would not be considered politically correct today. Didn't we sing stuff like Old Folks at Home, Massa's in the Cold Cold Ground, Old Black Joe, Here Comes the Showboat, Camptown Races, Are You From Dixie?

Below this picture are the names of the girls who have been identified. If you have any corrections or additions, let me know.

Jim McConnell sent this to me. He also sent a scan of the entire picture. It's a big file, so I have created a web page with only the picture on it. Click on this link (Band Picture), and the complete picture will open in a new browser window. (Look for me on the far left.)

Upper row: Linda Fahr, ??, Robin Morgan, Sue Phillips, Ruth Champion, ??, Reba Scallion
Lower row: half of Dee Dee Guy, Becky Scarborough, Teresa Thurmon, Cynthia Mann (behind), Marjorie Sydnor, ??, Nancy Long, Lynn Harper and that's probably Janet Lamb behind Nancy

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