Graves School e-Mail List

January 15, 2003

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While searching for Hillcrest High School alumni back in 1998, I compiled a list of their e-Mail addresses.

Many of my Hillcrest classmates also attended Graves Elementary School, so here is my list of e-mail addresses for Graves alumni. I may have included someone who didn't attend Graves, or I may have omitted someone who did attend Graves. Let me know if you see any mistakes or know of someone I should have included.

For the reasons stated on my Hillcrest Contact page , I will not show the addresses. If you want to contact someone on this list, write to me, and I will forward your message to your classmate.

CAJ3450 at YAHOO . COM

Please inform me if your e-mail changes.
Anderson, Cindy
Bynum, Ellen
Champion, Ruth
Church, Faith
Coulson, Mike
Elmore (Greer), Anne
Fahr, Linda
Flowers, Calvin
Groteluschen, Rick
Guy, Dee Dee
Hall, Steve
Hope, Lesa
Hutchison, David
Jones, Linda Gail
Key, Jo Lyn
Killebrew, David
McConnell, Jim
Minton, Linda
Mitchell, Mike
Morris, Duncan
Neel, Sherilyn
Neel, Merilyn
Parker, Charlie
Queen, Pam
Roberts, Wanda
Ryan, Becky
Scott, John
Smith, Sharon
Stewart, Leslie
Summers, Bill
Thurmon, Teresa
Traylor, Todd

And from other classes, I have e-mail addresses for:
Cupples, Jerry
Scott, Annabel
Tranum, Pat
Harlow, John
Colston, Anita
Seamans, Elise
and my big brother, Bill

I have snail mail addresses only for the following Graves alumni:

Allen, Kay
Grawemeyer, Susan
Gustafson, Travis
Long, Nancy
Meador, Bonnie
Phillips, Sue
Swindler, Billy
Thurman, Theresa
Trafford, Deborah
Tranum, Robert

And I have no information on:

Baskin, Billy
Bigham, Billy
Collier, Lee
Cox, Aubrey
Harrison, Roger
Lindsey, Terry
Mann, Cynthia
Nobles, Bobby
Pennington, Phillip
Richmond, Alice
Rowsey, Jill
Strother, Janet
Twilley, Richard
Williams, George
Wilson, Jimmy
Young, Lynn

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