Class of 1970

November 4, 2004

Reunion information for the Class of '70

Lynn Trafton sent me pictures of her 5th and 6th grade classes at Graceland Elementary School. Click on the small pictures to open a larger view in a new browser window.



We have posted a list of Lost Alumni. That page will open in a new browser window. Print a copy and look it over. If you know how to find someone, let me know or (better yet) get in touch with them and encourage them to visit

The other classes have their own pages. Check them out too. You may be able to help them locate their classmates.

If you are interested in helping with the reunion, check out the volunteer page. Each class needs volunteers in the following areas. Can you help us fill positions for class of '70?

1. registration on Friday and Saturday nights
2. collecting and displaying information on deceased classmates
3. decorations
4. the Saturday night program/MC for each class
5. teacher contacts and invitations
6. production of name tags
7. music/DJ?/Band?

We are working on a Sunday service in one of the conference rooms.

To put a hillaryism spin on things, "It takes a village to have a reunion." Please consider helping out.

Kathy Lewis
HHS '70

I have e-mail addresses for the '70 alumni listed below. If you would like to contact someone, write to me by clicking on my e-mail address, and I will forward your message to our classmate. Just be sure to put Hillcrest in the subject of your message. I'm afraid that if you just say "Hi," I will delete your message.

(If you really, really want your name listed so that someone can click on it to send e-mail directly to you, write to Cindy.)

Wanda Anderson
John Avis/Janet McDonald
Dennis Bales
Martha Bartlett
Michael Beckett
Mike Clark/Laurie Blackwell
Sarah Boshers
Cheri Brower
Kay Caldwell
Sally Campbell
Allen Carter/Susan Payne
Wendall Cates
Larry Chow
Liz Cooper
Marilyn Craft
Bill (Cricket) Crawford
Brent Daniel
David Doss
Vicki Dougan
Penny Edmondson
Karen Ellwood
David Fanning
David Ferguson
Scott Ferguson
Sandy Fitzpatrick
Vicki Floyd
David Ford
Sandra Franks
Ginny Garrison
Eddie Haney
Ken Hardin
Sherry Healea
Sherry Henley
Robert Holifield
Robert Holloman
Yancey Hughes
Sally Husson
Danny Isbell
Kathy Jenkins
David Johnston
Clay Jones
Greg Jones
Kathy Lewis
Sharon Lotz
Don Loyd
Randy Marchbanks
Judy McDaniel
Bruce Menke
Joan Millard
David Mosby
Linda Pierce
Donna Poole
Jake Priester
Cathy Ramsey
Kim Roberts
Judy Rowe
Tom Shreve
Suzan Schubert
Becky Smith
Bert Stephens
Rick Stobaugh
Steve Sullivan
Jean Swisher
Paula Tapper
Richard Toland
Lynn Trafton
Pat Tranum
Jean Turner
Betty Jo Walker
Jim Walton
Dan Whitaker
Charles White
Pat White
Donna Whitten
Glen Youngblood
HC Zachary

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