Reunion Committee and Volunteers

May 31, 2004

Thanks for all of the compliments, but I think I received way too much credit for organizing this reunion. Most of my job was done 1200 miles away while sitting in front of a computer monitor. (Yes, I need a hobby.)

A lot of people worked long hours putting the whole thing together. Kathy Lewis, Linda Omedeo, and Suzan Schubert, all from the class of '70, formed the core group. I wish I had a nickel for every e-mail message we exchanged.

Each class was supposed to have a representative on the Memorial Committee, but only Lesa Pierce '68 and Judy McDaniel '70 volunteered. They did a wonderful job too. Next time we'll insist that each class provide some information on each of their deceased classmates.

The Reunion Committee Meeting was February 7, 2004, at the home of Suzan Schubert (AKA Theo Crowton) in Collierville, TN. Pictures of your hard working, dedicated Reunion Committee can be seen here.

Classmates Search Committee
'66 Stew Lewis
'67 Lynn Carrier
'68 Cindy Anderson
'69 Judy Coley
'70 Kathy Lewis, Linda Omedeo, Suzan Schubert

Golf Tournament
Thanks to Cary Rawlings '67 for volunteering to organize the alumni golf tournament. It sounds like everyone had a good time. Even the weather cooperated. Results are posted on the Golf page.

Saturday Night Program
Thanks to Mike Beckett '70 for being our MC. I admire people who can get up in front of an audience and do that because I can't do it. But you know that now.

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