Class of 1968

July 3, 2008

This is the short version of the class of '68 pages. If you want the unabridged version, go here.

Your Reunion Committee did a great job planning our 40 year reunion. Some pictures have been uploaded to a PhotoBucket account. You can either go to PhotoBucket and login with the username hillcrest68 and password vikings, or just click here.

Feel free to add your reunion pictures to our PhotoBucket account.

The list of Lost Alumni has been updated recently. Click on that link and the list will open in a new browser window. Print a copy and look it over. If you know how to find some of these alumni, let Cindy know. She's the self-appointed keeper of the Class of '68 database.

I have e-mail addresses for quite a few members of the class of '68. Their names are listed below. If you would like to contact someone, write to me. I will forward your message to your classmate (so watch what you say). On the E-Mail Addresses page I state the reasons why I will not post e-mail addresses on this web site, but if you want an address that forwards mail to your primary e-mail address, write to me, and I will do it for you.

Adkins, Patty
Allen, Kay
Allen, Steve
Allen, Victor
Anderson, Cindy
Andrews, Gerre
Ashton, Judy
Bailey, Bob
Baker, Woody
Barham, Ted
Bartlett, Carol
Barton, Alison
Black, Patty
Bomar, Ron
Boyanton, Mike
Boydston, Liz
Brewster, Carolyn
Brice, Phyllis
Brigance, Tom
Brooks, Don
Bryant, Fay
Bryant, Jack
Bufano, Don
Burcham, Joan
Bynum, Ellen
Caldwell, Pam
Calhoun, Marilyn
Chambers, Robert
Chow, Steven
Church, Faith
Collins, Mike
Conway, Liz
Cook, Drinda
Cook, Liz
Cook, Lynn
Cooper, Judy
Cornwell, Dennis
Coulson, Mike
Craft, Charles
Creed, Cassie Lynn
Cross, Tom
Darby, Jane
Davis, Jim
DeAngelis, Phyllis
DeGarmo, Larry
Donovan, Mike
Donovan, Sharon
Drashman, Wanda
Dyer, Phyllis
Edwards, John
Fahr, Linda
Flowers, Calvin
Ford, Linda
Foster, Sandra
Freeman, Skip
Gallagher, Jackie
Goode, Gloria
Gore, James (Tom)
Graham, Mickel
Grant, Sarah (Jane)
Greer, Anne
Gregg, Susan
Grommersch, Michael
Groteluschen, Rick
Guth, Bob
Guy, Diane
Haftek, Sandy
Haise, Jackie
Hall, Andy
Hanna, Larry
Harlan, David
Harriman, Susan
Heckle, Joyce
Heffington, Paul
Henders, Sharlene
Henderson, Debbie
Hogan, Carl
Hope, Lesa
Houk, Rose
Howell, Nancy
Hughey, Patsy
Huston, Pam
Hutchison, David
Irwin, Cindy
Jarrell, Linda
Johnson, Al
Johnson, Don
Johnson, Judy
Johnson, Paul
Jones, Linda Gail
Justin, Katie
Key, Jo Lyn
Killebrew, David
Krohn, Barbara
Leadford, Charles
Ledsinger, Leigh
Long, Brenda
Lovell, Chris
Maffei, Mike
Marable, John
Markham, Linda
May, Carolyn
May, Jim
May, Marta
McConnell, Jim
McCracken, Ernie
McCraw, Donna
Mckee, Shirley
McKinney, David
McNeer, Lynn
Meadows, Mark
Mehler, Deborah
Milius, Terry
Miller, Debby
Minton, Linda
Mitchell, Mike
Molder, Mike
Moore, Balynda
Morris, Duncan
Mosby, Dennis
Muffoletto, Zina
Murrow, Nancy
Myers, Randy
Neel, Sherilyn
Neel, Merilyn
Nix, Suzanne
Norris, Jere
Oxner, Teri
Paige, Toni
Parham, Becky
Parker, Charlie
Perrie, Jim
Pickel, Ann
Provow, Mike
Pullen, Ken
Queen, Pam
Ragsdale, Linda
Raney, Steve
Rast, Dale
Richards, Mary Carol
Rigsby, Tom
Roberts, John
Roberts, Mitzi
Roberts, Wanda
Rucker, Patti
Ryan, Becky
Schroeppel, Linda
Spears, Dennis
Sproles, Billy
Streuding, Joyce
Summers, Bill
Talbert, Etta
Tate, Richard
Thomas, Joyce
Thomas, Warren
Thompson, Brenda
Thurmon, Teresa
Traylor, Todd
Treadway, Pat
Verner, Glen
Vinson, Jeanne
Ward, Kathy
Webb, Dennis
Whisenhunt, Carol
White, Nancy
Williamson, Don
Wilson, Bill
Wilson, Vicki
Wright, Connie
Yates, Linda
York, Ron

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