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December 7, 2003



I attended Westwood High School's combined class reunion in May 2003 at the Grand Casino near Tunica, MS, and had a great time even though I only knew about 5 people who went to Graves Elementary School with me. If you would like to see the pictures I took there, go to the Graves section at this web site. You should recognize a couple of people in them.

I assume you have already read the Reunion 2004 information that is posted elsewhere at this web site.

On the Alumni Profiles page I have posted the bios you wrote when we had our 1999 reunion. I updated mine. Everyone needs to send me an update. If you aren't listed, send me some info, and I'll post it.

On the Memories page I have copied and pasted the high school memories you sent me in 1999. Some are funny, some are touching. Be sure to go there and read what everyone wrote. Ernie McCracken's entry is wonderful! Well, so is Bobby Bailey's and Mike Coulson's. Just read them yourself!!

The Letters page contains messages I have received from alumni and friends. It's worth reading.

I finally made a page for Alumni Links. If you have a personal or business web page and would like to have a link here, just send me the URL.

And don't forget to look at the E-Mail List. I have addresses for everyone on that page. Well, I HAD addresses for everyone on the list. Every time I send e-mail to the list, I get some bounced messages. Please keep me informed of your latest e-mail address so I won't have to come looking for you again.

I'd like to add a page to remember the classmates who have died since graduation. I'm not sure how I should do this, so send me your suggestions.

The menu also has links to pictures taken at two past reunions. Check those out and see how we've aged. The Reunion '99 link has the pages from our old web site. I've removed the mailto links, but otherwise they are the same as the old web site.

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