Alumni Profiles

April 15, 2004

Profile List:
Abernathy, Frances
Allen, Steve
Allen, Victor
Anderson, Cindy
Ashton, Judy
Bailey, Bob
Baker, Woody
Barham, Ted
Bartlett, Carol
Barton, Alison
Boydston, Liz
Bryant, Jack
Bynum, Ellen
Caldwell, Pam
Church, Faith
Collins, Mike
Cook, Drinda
Cook, Lynn
Cornwell, Dennis
Coulson, Mike
Craft, Charles
Cross, Tom
DeAngelis, Phyllis
Donovan, Sharon
English, Betty Jo
Fahr, Linda
Ford, Linda
Freeman, Skip
Greer, Ann
Gregg, Susan
Groteluschen, Richard
Guy, Dee Dee
Haise, Jackie
Hanna, Larry
Harriman, Susan
Heffington, Paul
Hogan, Carl
Houk, Rose
Hughey, Patsy
Hutchison, David
Johnson, Al
Johnson, Judy
Key, Jo Lyn
Killebrew, David
Leadford, Charles
Marable, John
McCoy, Chartres
McCracken, Ernie
Mckee, Shirley
McKinney, David
Mehler, Deborah
Mehler, Susan
Miller, Debby
Minton, Linda
Molder, Mike
Moore, Balynda
Muffoletto, Zina
Neel, Merilyn
Neel, Sherilyn
Norris, Jerenell
Paige, Toni
Perrie, Jim
Phillips, Sue
Pickel, Ann
Queen, Pam
Ragsdale, Linda
Rast, Dale
Rich, Gini
Rigsby, Tom
Roberts, John
Roberts, Wanda
Rucker, Patti
Ryan, Becky
Sproles, Billy
Streuding, Joyce
Talbert, Etta
Tate, Richard
Thompson, Brenda
Thurmon, Teresa
Traylor, Todd
Vinson, Jeanne
Ward, Kathy
Watson, Ann
Whisenhunt, Carol
White, Nancy
Wilson, Cynthia
Wilson, Vicki
Wright, Connie
Yates, Linda

When we had our reunion in 1999, I asked everyone what they had been doing for the past 31 years. I am now asking you to update that information. To encourage you in this matter, I am printing what you wrote in 1999. If you want to update your profile, click on the Contact Me button and e-mail the new information to me.

This is another really long page. I thought about putting it on several pages, but I prefer opening a big page and reading it later when I'm off-line. Have fun!

Frances Abernathy
After graduation I attended MSU for 3 years but left to marry my high school sweetheart, Clay Jones, and have been married 27 years on June 30th. We have 2 boys. Since my sister and brother-in-law's deaths, we have custody of our 2 nephews. I have worked the last 10 years in my husband's private medical practice. We are a very busy and happy family.
Chad, 21 - junior Univ. of Alabama, pre-med major
Clay II, 19 - senior CBHS, college narrowed down to two - no decision yet
We have custody of my late sister and brother-in-law's 2 boys:
Todd Borngesser, 22 - senior West Georgia College
Brian Borngesser, 19 - senior Collins Hills High School in Lawrenceville, GA

Steve Allen
Dropped out of Memphis State in my senior year to go on the road with a band, came back to Memphis then moved to Jackson, MS, to be in a nationally touring showband called the Royal American Showmen. In August, 1979, moved to Los Angeles. Played in 50 bands, wrote songs, toured 11 years internationally with Rita Coolidge, started writing some fiction. Met a girl in New Orleans named Debbie, she moved to LA for several years, we married, spawned two handsome sons, got tired of the apartment life in LA, and on April 1st, 1998, moved to New Orleans. I'm playing in a club on Bourbon Street, Debbie is in sales. We like it here though we miss some things about Los Angeles.
Chandler, 7 - the introspective one
Parker, 5 - the world's most adorable child

Victor Allen
Manager of estimating/project management, Tri-State Armature & Electrical Works, industrial electrical contractor. Enjoys boating, water skiing, fishing.
Valerie Allen Robbins - just graduated University of Memphis
Julie Anne Allen - just completed freshman year - UT Martin
Jeffrey Brant Allen - 5th grade - Mt. Pisgah Middle School

Cindy Anderson (Updated 9/2002 and 7/2016)
Married Al 3/71; BS in medical technology from UT Memphis 9/71; MS from Memphis State 5/78. We have lived in Memphis, Laramie, WY, Helena, MT, Winchester, TN, Nashville, and Laramie again. Al's an anesthesiologist and I'm a mom.
Eric, 23 - married and going to U of WY here in Laramie; says he'll graduate in May '03 with a degree in communications; then he wants to become an air traffic controller
Elizabeth, 18 - freshman at Colorado State University on a swimming scholarship
Laura, 18 - freshman at Pepperdine University in Malibu, CA

Edit: Got divorced in 2006 and moved back to Memphis to be near elderly parents.  Married Charlie Craft (HHS '68) in 2013 at the Graceland Wedding Chapel in Las Vegas.

Judy Ashton
After high school I attended University of Memphis for one year. In 1971 I graduated from State Technical Institute with an Associates Degree in Acctg. Career has included employment at IRS for 4 years, taking 6 years to be a full-time Mom, co-managing a recreational business, and currently being employed as Vice President of Operations for a distribution company.
Timothy A. Estes, 24 - Tour guide - Graceland
Kristi J. Estes, 22 - 1999 graduate University of MS

Bob Bailey
Carolyn (May) and I have been married for 28 years. She attended Memphis State for 2 years but quit to go to work for Union Carbide Corp. in 1970 and has been with the same division ever since. That division, The Eveready Battery Company, was sold to Ralston Purina several years ago, but she has stuck with them. I graduated from Memphis State in 1972 with a BS in Civil Engineering. In 1980 I received an MS in Civil Engineering from Memphis State. Finally, in 1989 I got an MBA from Memphis State. I think I finally got enough of them or they got enough of me one. I don't have any plans to go back any more. I have worked for several consulting firms around town. I have been with Pickering Firm for the last 15 years where I am a Sr. Vice President.
Karen, 23 - graduated fom Alabama with a BS in Nursing May, 1999. She has accepted a job with Emory University Hospital in Atlanta starting in July.
John, 19 - working as a surveyor with my firm while he goes to State Tech and Northwest Mississippi Junior College taking EMT and Fire Science courses. He hopes to get on with one of the fire departments when he turns 21.

Woody Baker
I graduated from NWJC in 1970. From there I went to work for Bellsouth as a mechanic. I was later promoted into management as a fleet supervisor. I have been with Bellsouth for 26 years and hope to retire soon. While working with Bellsouth I received the President's Meritorious Award for saving the lives of three children.
Tracey, 29 - degree in Respriatory Therapy and RN
Erin, 22
William (Trip), 20 - in college, not sure yet

Ted Barham
After graduating from Hillcrest, I went to the University of Tennessee and graduated in 1972 (BS in Transportation). My jobs have been in the traffic management and transportation fields. I have lived in the Washington, DC, area, Chicago area, and North Florida. While in the Washington area I got my MBA from George Mason University. I moved back to Memphis in 1991. I am currently working for AIMS Logistics in Collierville auditing freight bills, and I am also a part time instructor at the U of Memphis in Marketing Logistics.

Carol Bartlett (Updated 6/03)
1969 -Married Ray Wilson (Catholic High graduate). He was a flight instructor and was killed in a plane crash in 1971.
1971 - Married Rick McCollum (Oakhaven graduate). Divorced in 1978. 2 children.
1980 - Married Bob Durdin (Camden TN High School/University of Memphis graduate). Still married to Bob and probably will be until one of us keels over dead. One child.
Kimberly - 28 - Graduate Suma Cum Laude University of Memphis with a degree in English. She works at Historic Elmwood Cemetery as a grant writer and special events coordinator.
Courtney - 26 - Owns Paggios Hair Salon on Poplar & Belvedere in Memphis.
Joshua - 23 - Graduated Ole Miss with a MIS degree (June 2003). Currently trying to figure out how to be a non-student.
Me - I went to college but did not get a degree. I worked at this and that and learned a bunch of stuff about computers and currently I work for a company that trains Air Traffic Controllers. I run the computer based training lab.
Bob - Is a garbage man, yep, a garbage man. It's a long story but he travels North, Central and South America talking to people about garbage. There is a lot of garbage in the world.
Grandchildren - 2 of the most beautiful children on the face of the planet. Dyanne will be 4 in August 2003 and Knight will be 2 in June 2003. Both are adopted. Kimberly is their mother.

Alison Barton
'72 received a BS in microbiology from Memphis State; graduate school - medical technology; worked in this field for several years. Married David Bratton in 1975 while he was in medical school; moved to McMinnville, TN, in '81 where David set up orthopedic surgery practice; lived there 15 years. Moved to Nashville in '95; David is with the Franklin Bone & Joint Clinic. I got a BA in interior design from O'More College of Design in Franklin, TN. I have my own design business in addition to the four kids' activities.
Laura, 21 - graduated from Hanover College in Indiana with a degree in communications May '99; will be attending University of Indianapolis Occupational Therapy School as a graduate student in the fall
Amy, 19 - finishing her sophomore year in the Business School at University of Miami - Ohio
Emily, 17 - junior at Brentwood High School
Will, 14 - freshman at Brentwood High School

Liz Boydston
After graduation I married and attended MSU off and on as finances allowed. The marriage didn't last extremely long but from it came a never ending source of joy, my daughter Jennifer. Once Jenny was old enough to go to school, I returned to school as well on a full scholarship. I graduated from Methodist Hospital School of Nursing and have worked in that field for 25 years now. After graduating from MHS, I met my husband Lee. He is a fine Christian, a wonderful man, a great husband and father, and still looks good in a Stetson and a saddle. We have a small ranch with beef cattle. We also raise and train horses: Arabians and Quaterhorses. We collected our share of blue ribbons and trophies on the show circuit but were not really interested in going on the national circuit. Raising horses is a great way to keep kids out of trouble. Speaking of kids, I became Mom to 3 more when we married from Lee's first marriage. I raised them so that makes them mine. We had one together. The Lord then led us to 3 more youngsters. We adopted then. That officially brings the count to 1 girl and 7 boys. I really enjoy nursing and have worn many different hats while working ranging from staff to administration, but my real love is trauma. I have worked as an ER/ trauma nurse, ICU and Flight nurse for the past 15 years. When my husband retired from Dupont we left Tennessee and made our home in the Ozarks and love it here. When the natives talk about how humid it is we just laugh. We live in a very non conventional style home which we designed and built ( and are still building Hint: never move in until you are completely finished or you will never get "done") I have recently started writing Christian Fiction and have completed my first novel. I am currently working on a 2nd book while I revise and edit the first. Anyone know a good literary agent?
Children :
Jennifer Harper 33- teaches Math and Physic, writes math curriculum for the Houston, TX. school area (Sugarland) Married to Jim Harper, world class piper and accountant, and mother to Jamie 3 and Colin 1
Anthony Curtis 31- with UPS Married to Angela father to Jackson 5, Clayton 3, and Lilly 1
Joseph Curtis 30- married to Jennifer, with Tyson foods father to Rebecca 2.
Michael Curtis 28- Spc.4 in the US Army currently serving in Iraq Married to Feather, father to Morgan 1.
Daniel Curtis 23- Sales rep and distributor for Sara Lee. Married to Stephanie no children yet.
Kurt Curtis, 16- Sophomore in high school
Josh Curtis, 14- Freshman in high school
Matt Curtis, 11- 6th grade.
Final count 8 kids, 7 grandkids.

Jack Bryant
1968: I started Memphis State in the electrical engineering program.
1969: Libbye and I were married.
1972: We moved to Hattiesburg, MS, where I took computer science electives at The University of Southern MS.
1973: I started work at South Central Bell (SCB) in Hattiesburg, then graduated that summer from Memphis State.
1977: We moved to Birmingham, AL, with SCB. Our first son, Zachary, was born.
1979: We moved to New Jersey to a job with AT&T.
1981: Our youngest son Jeremy was born. We moved back to Birmingham, where I returned to SCB.
1982: Libbye and I became Christians.
-AT&T divested the operating companies. I went with the new company called BellSouth.
-We enrolled our kids in private schools, then Libbye began home schooling them.
-Libbye has been teaching home school for many years now and says that she is ready for a "real job."
-I have been teaching adult Sunday School, playing drums in our church orchestra and am a deacon.
-I celebrated 26 years with BellSouth this year and am now in a marketing group called Pricing Strategy. I am responsible for implementing price changes for most of our retail services, in conjunction with a project management team.
-Hobbies: ham radio, computers, drums
Zach, 22 - two years at Bessemer Tech in automotive mechanics, now working at UPS; plays guitar and bass.
Jeremy, 19 - just graduated from high school in our church’s home school program; works at Aviation Propellers.

Ellen Bynum
The chronological bio: Left Memphis in 1971 after a B.A. in history, minor in sociology, at MSU. Went to Va. Commmonwealth Univ., Richmond, VA, for B.Sc. in Sociology (to be awarded after 6 hrs. in a Ph.D. program) and M.Ed. in Adult Education. Taught Community College courses, bought a historic townhouse and shared it with a rock and roll band. Started Skye Pictures, Inc., non-profit film/video production/distribution company with members of the Detroit Film Collective and others; moved to DC and worked on documentaries for PBS, Showtime, Cinemax, the Women in Film and Video festival at the Kennedy Center, etc. Wrote grants, spent summers in NYC meeting corporate sponsors, carried coffee and wrote checks. Spent my 28th birthday showing a film about the Best Products buildings by SITE, Inc., to 28 guests in the Kennedy's house in Georgetown ("The Wandering Wall" opened the 1980 Hirshhorn Museum's winter series). Migrated to Washington State, thanks to Kevin Tighe (Emergency TV and John Sayles films fame) and continued organizing lots of productions, photo and art shows, centennial celebrations and festivals. Went to the Cannes Film Festival. Married a Kiwi who I met in the Oakland Museum 5 years previous and moved to Australia. Co-developed a $1M exhibition "Mind & Body: Wellbeing" at the new Powerhouse Museum, Sydney, worked for the Premier's Dept. on access for disabled people in public buildings, lectured at universities, wrote curriculum, helped restore an 1890s townhouse (10 rooms, double brick colonial with verandahs), sailed 300 days of the year on "Kyuma", a 28 ft. classic wooden sloop (Norwegian Tumlauren, rebuilt by Stewart; first sailed by the first Australian winner of the America's Cup), made more movies. Met Steve Allen's buddhist friend, Gamani, and lots of other terrific folks. Returned to USA and lived in Santa Cruz, Seattle, LaConner and Memphis in between. Went to the New Orleans Jazz Fest as often as possible to see Steve Allen and friends play terrific music. Fundraised $340,000 by direct mail for the (Democrat) Governor (as a favor to a friend); produced his TV/radio spots, visited 63 welfare offices to see what they needed to do their work better, organized 1,000 Friends of Washington (land use planning advocacy group), consulted with community colleges, non-profits and businesses on organizational issues; Time-share a sailboat that goes to Canada via the San Juan Islands every summer. Visited friends in India, China, Australia and New Zealand over the years. Worked for NOAA Fisheries, Skagit Valley College and other organizations on program planning and oranizational development/communications. Bought and rebuilt a 556 sq. ft. cabin on leased land on the Swinomish Indian Reservation, filed administrative appeals and sued the Bureau of Indian Affairs (with 47 other families) in Federal District Court for reducing the value of our homes by raising the rent 300-500%. With my neighbors, wrote legislation, hundreds of letters to Congress and the Washington State legislature, Federal and State bureaucrats to correct the leasing inequities. Filed a discrimination complaint with the EPA for allowing only non-tribal members to be billed for a utility assessment. Read alot of law. After 6 long years am now thinking what's next?
The wisdom bio: Figured out that I could do just about anything I decided I wanted to do until I ran into the "glass ceiling". Never learned that teasing could be fun. Daily reminded that life is not fair, and so what? Adopted "See a movie, be a movie" as a motto. Learned about quantum psychology, which changed my life. Met my match and learned that change is the just about the only important skill, if you had to only have one. Buried my parents and continue to appreciate their eccentricity, tolerance and wisdom. Appreciate and cherish community, friendship and connections with everyone I've ever met. Recognize that life is hard and then you die, so if there's something you want to do, get on with it. Should-a, could-a, would-a are not excuses. Helped three relatives depart their bodies and connected the dots - birth, death, birth, death. Had way too much fun for one person. Experienced a few moments of absolute bliss. Thank you each very much for being a part of that learning!

Pam Caldwell (Updated 4/04)
Louis is a regional sales manager for Harper/Love Adhesives out of Charlotte, NC. I enjoy the travel this affords me. I have been a fulltime homemaker since our marriage in 1974. This gave me the opportunity to get involved in the schools and local government. Three years of Home Ec. with Mrs. Perdzock (a.k.a. Miss Crenshaw) was very handy, but I could have used a law degree on several occasions. I am learning to "chill" in my middle years. Some would say I am a long way from accomplishing this task!
Christopher, 33 - Gave me 2 wonderful grandchildren (CJ, 10, and Kirstyn, 7)
Amy, 28 - Graduated from UT; blessed me with a gorgeous redhead, Abby, 3
Cassie, 23 - Graduated from MTSU, married, and is teaching drama.

Faith Church
BA from Ole Miss 1972- Major English
I have worked in Broadcasting for the most part since 1972, starting in the Sales Traffic area, then moving into Accounting/Accounting Systems in the early 80's after taking Accounting and Business courses at Memphis State. I have worked for the New York Times Company since 1977- first at WREG for 18 years. Since 1996 I have been working on a special Financial Systems project for NYTC. As Project Team Lead, I manage the conversion of many NYT properties to a PeopleSoft Financial software system. My final 2 properties in California will be completed in November.

Mike Collins
Current President of venture capital firm 2nd Generation Capital Corp.; specialty bio-tech and financial services. Past principal of venture firm Nelson Capital. Past Price Waterhouse as CPA, headed litigation group for mid-USA. B.S. from UT Knoxville. Got a 4F thanks to broken ankle in high school at old Whitehaven YMCA with the "Gang" - no Vietnam. Married twice (one for 7 and one for 21 and counting!), wife Marva in Healthcare administration.
2 girls, both married to good guys, both nurses, 3 grand
2 boys, single - "working on life," one making good progress, one thinking about it

Drinda Cook (Updated 8/02)
Moved back to Memphis area (Collierville) in June 2000. I work at White Station Middle as Guidance Counselor. Still married to Cary Rawlings (Class of '67) now for 30 years who is a Sales Manager with Hagemeyer, a Dutch company who is a distributor of industrial, electrical and safety products.
Two children :
Cara - Entering graduate school at Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond, Virginia to get a graduate degree in Fine Arts with focus on Combat Choreography.
Kirk - Graduated in 2001 from Middle Tenn. State University in English. He is living in Memphis now and is putting together a music group to play Funk Rock. Why else would you get an English degree?

Lynn Cook
I have been married to Ed Hogan for 28 years. We have 2 children and are expecting our first grandchild in Dec. '99. I have worked for Union Planters Bank for 25 years. I live in Holly Springs, MS. I love working on projects for our community and I like to play golf with my husband and friends.
Michelle Hogan Seale, 25 - teaches at Horn Lake, MS, elementary school; expecting our first grandchild December '99.
Michael Hogan, 22 - works for Marshall City Sheriff Dept. and part-time as fireman for Holly Springs Fire Dept.

Dennis Cornwell
Graduated HHS 1968; After darn nearly flunking out and getting drafted to Vietnam in freshman year (thanks for a high lottery number!), graduated Mississippi State University 1972 - BS in Business Statistics and Data Processing. Went to work for Conoco 1972. Worked in various commercial positions with Conoco for 27 years including stints in Houston, New Orleans, Washington, DC, and London (4 years). Currently still with Conoco in Houston as Risk Manager - Natural Gas and Gas Products (trading, derivatives and stuff like that). Married 1979 to wonderful lady, Marion; three great kids. Active elder in Presbyterian church; Boy Scout volunteer leader. Way too heavy and bald but pretty happy with things as they are. God's been very good to me!!
Christopher (b. 1981) - senior in high school; headed to Blinn College in Texas to study Information Mgmt
Alicia (b. 1982) - junior in high school; school choir; good artist; quiet; loves cats
Amy (b. 1991) - love caboose born in London; Brownie scouts; soccer; currently missing front teeth

Mike Coulson
Dotty and I have been married for 25 years and have four wonderful children. Dotty teaches art at the local high school and I work as a graphic artist.
Justin, 23 - graduated from college thes December with a Psychology degree and plans to attend nursing school in the fall.
Brooke, 21 - junior in college, majoring in journalism with a minor in photography.
Drew, 17 - junior in high school and playing bass guitar.
Lauren, 13 - 8th grade and growing up too fast.

Charles Craft
Attended UT - Knoxville '68-'72; majored in Anthropology/Archaeology. Additional studies at Chucalissa Indian Village mid '70s. Employed since '75 by Illinois Central Railroad as Stationary Engineer/Certified Loco. Engineer. Took time off in 1980 to travel in Himalayan region studying Tibetan culture. Currently live in Bartlett with wife Rhodell, daughter Meghan and son Geoffrey. I'm active in the Tibetan struggle against China, and I like to knock around on the computer when I get time.
Meghan, 16 - 10th grade
Geoffrey, 12 - 6th grade

Tommy Cross
Married 22 years (same lady); worked for First Brands 25 years until the company was recently sold.
Anthony Cross - Christian Brothers University sophomore
Lauren Cross - Indiana University freshman
Whitney Cross - high school sophomore

Phyllis DeAngelis
After HS I attended MSU and graduated with a BS in Education. I taught for 6 years before children. I retired for 10 years and raised two children to school age. Two totally opposite kids. Both are a pleasure. I am now employed in our family business, DeAngelis Jewelers in Germantown, TN. I have been there for 19 years. I am ready to retire next year. Danny is still at Federal Express in International Business. We have really been blessed in our lives and our marriage. We constantly seek God's direction in our lives. That is what keeps it so exciting. As you all remember, I followed after Danny for 7 years before I finally got him to get married. It has been a blast and far more than I could have ever imagined. He is a wonderful Christian man and a terrific husband and father. I have been blessed.
Randy, 25 - working on his masters in theology; youth pastor in a local Presbyterian church; married for two years, but no children yet.
Sandy, 23 - going through a divorce at a young age and back in school pursuing a nursing degree; her goal in life is to be a Country music singer.

Sharon Donovan
Work - Business Office Manager and Administrative Assistant to the Executive Director of the Synergy Foundation, a drug and alcohol rehabilitation center. Attended University of Memphis. Serve on Administrative Council of Emmanuel Methodist Church. Husband - Lee, employed by Dover Elevators as Mechanical Design Engineer. Pets - I have a dog - Chester, cat - Missy. My husband coaches our son's baseball team so we are very busy with that in the summer and our son also plays soccer so we spend our fall at soccer games.
Suzanne Heun, 26 - married, no children, Executive Manager Target, Inc., lives in Horn Lake, MS.
Benjamin Hanna, 10 - will be in 6th grade next year at Holy Rosary Catholic School.

Betty Jo English (now deceased)
Moved to five states before settling in Georgia. Met Bob there and stayed. Work with ReMax as a Real Estate Broker.
Kim Vernier, 28 - Married (husband Bob Vernier); son Robert Austin Vernier, 5 months
Jason Powser (stepson), 27 - Married (wife Ashley Powser)

Linda Fahr
Graduated in 1972 from University of Memphis; became a federal bank examiner upon graduation until 1982 when Amy was born; became a mother forever but also rejoined workforce taking a job with less travel at Union Planters Corporation in 1986 as the compliance officer; divorced; presently Regulatory Compliance Manager for the corporation with a staff of 26 and offices located in 12 states. I enjoy involvement in my daughter's activities and sharing time with family and friends when not working.
Amy Karen Clowes, 17 - will graduate from Briarcrest Christian High School in 2000. She likes cheerleading, music, dancing, and of course boys!

Linda Ford
Teacher for 23 years. Presently a 1st grade teacher at Shelby Oaks in Memphis.
Amber - sophomore at University of Memphis
Sam - sophomore at St. Benedict High School

Skip Freeman (Updated 2/03)
How and where do I start, 1968, Ms. Bell's English class, I had to talk her into giving me a 65 for a final grade so I could go to summer school for 4 weeks instead of eight, I joined the USMC and had a report date before the 8 weeks would be up. She did, and I ended up at MCRD San Diego Calif. I went thru boot camp and ended up a Grunt in Vietnam, (Tom Gore knows what I'm talking about). While there I was subjected to about every tropical disease known to man, dysentery, jungle rot, intestinal parasites not to mention getting shot at and being so tired I could barely keep my eyes open at times. Oh yeah, I forgot the ringworm, caught it from head to toe, that stuff really burns and itches. I managed to make it back in one piece almost, wounded once and had to have a little surgery on my foot.
I came back to the states and was discharged. I landed a job at Memphis LG&W that lasted about 2&1/2 or 3 months. I didn't get fired, but reading meters was not near as much fun as getting shot at, plus I was bored as hell and drinking a lot. All the while I was dating a lady from Hillcrest (no name here), but she was from the class of 70. As with most of my relationships in those days it turned sour and she canned me. I didn't have a job, no chance of getting one as I was drunk most of the time. I did the only thing that anyone in their wrong mind would do. I reenlisted in the Marines.
They stationed me at Camp Pendleton Calif, as a instructor in the basic infantry training school. I taught classes on how to use the M-60 machine gun. Here I was 20 years old fought a war and couldn't even get a beer as the drinking age was 21 in California. I made another smart move, I volunteered to return to Vietnam. Here we go again - This time about 6 or 7 months there I was wounded again, this time I caught shrapnel in the back of my head. My ears rang for 2 weeks, I couldn't hear at all for one week and to this day I have very bad hearing. I came back to the states and got stationed at Millington. I was a troop handler for Marines going thru aviation school, oh yeah in the mean time I had made Sergeant. This is where I met the woman who probably saved my life or at the least kept me out of jail. Judy and I will be married 29 years the 14th of December 2002. She convinced me to re-train into the Aviation field and I started classes at Memphis in the Aviation Electronics Schools. 1977 I was transferred to Cherry Point NC where I worked on A-6 and F-4 electronics systems. In 1978 I was medically retired from the USMC due to wounds from Vietnam. I went to work for the Naval Aviation Depot working on aircraft as a Civil Service Employee. I was a supervisor when I took early retirement in 2000 with over 29 years federal service. We have 2 wonderful children Dawn who is 26 married to a Marine and working at the Naval aviation depot and studying for a computer science degree. Julie is 22 and in graduate school at Campbell University studying psyche. As for me I have plenty to do, Constant remodeling on my home, gardening, and I'm in the process of restoring a 1978 Corvette. All in all it's been a wild ride, but very enjoyable. Only reason that I am here to write this is by the grace of GOD, some excellent grenades, and my wonderful wife.

Ann Greer
I've been in Texas for approximately 20 years. I have two sons. Adam is 19 and in the Navy, Alan is 16 (going on 21) and is a junior at the local high school. I own my own hearing aid business...Anne's Hearing Aid Center. We sold the boat and decided to take up a hobby that we enjoyed when we lived in California. Motorcycles... My husband Jim rides a Harley Nightrain and I have a custom Harley Sportster. Great fun...great people and lots of beautiful scenery. We have two little Welch Corgis that keep us busy at home.
Alan, 12
Adam, 14

Susan Gregg
Married to Frank 28 years; CPA - tax practice in Knoxville
Gregg Shepard, 23 - first year medical student at University of Tennessee - Memphis; wife - Amy Jo.
Susanna Shepard, 19 - sophomore - Rice University

Richard Groteluschen
works for V.P. Distribution, Clemco Ind. Corp., Washington, MO
Patrick, 24 - Restaurant manager
Lora, 21 - Citicorp Mortgage

Dee Dee Guy
I am celebrating my 29th year with American Express this year. My territory is the Western Region of the US. I travel frequently with my work, and when not traveling, I work virtual office out of my home. I have three Bichon Frise dogs that keep me company all day in my office. I enjoy skiing, gardening, golf, walking, yoga, and working out. My husband, Paul, is an Oral Surgeon.
No children. However, married into two daughters, two sons-in-law, and four grandchildren (Colton - 11, Dane - 8, Garrett - 4, and Alexandra - 2 1/2)

Jackie Haise
Graduated 1968 HHS - 3 children @ 26 years - went to LPN school (graduated "Student of the Year") and graduated 1982 - worked two years. Back to college for Registered Nurse. Graduated Phi Beta Kappa 1986 - lived in Mississippi 25 years and worked there. Moved to Chattanooga, TN, 1993. Now have home just outside Chattanooga in Bradley County (Cleveland address) since 1995 - 1st marriage 1968 - divorced 1984 - I remarried (2nd) 1986. Husband also Registered Nurse since 1993 and works at Level I Trauma Center in the emergency department (also is one of eight coordinators).
Amy Parker, 27 - Works in a convenience store; lives here with us; some college courses
Jack Junior Parker, 25 - living with friends here in Tennessee
Jeromy Parker, 22 - lives here in Tennessee; cooks at Waffle House All children are not married and 0 grandchildren (thank goodness); 0 prospects; niece lives with us - 22 years old - going to LPN school in Chattanooga

Larry Hanna
After graduation, attended the University of Arkansas for three years. Low "lottery number" (all the guys know what this means!) caught up with me, two year layoff in the Navy Reserves. Back in Memphis in 1973, finished undergraduate degree in History in 1976. Received Master of City and Regional Planning from Memphis State in 1982 (finally wrote that Thesis!). Worked for City of Memphis, Division of Housing and Community Development. Ran a "small cities" Community Development Block Grant Program for three years in England, Arkansas. Consulting work for several years in Little Rock, AR. In 1987, went to work for the Postal Service and have been managing environmental programs for them for the past twelve years. Moved to the Denver area a little over two years ago. Decided to try skis for the first time in my life and have progressed to intermediate/advanced intermediate slopes. I have found a new passion! Better yet, I haven't broken anything! Married to my wife Sandy for almost twelve years. We have a full and very busy life here in the mountains. We have absolutely fallen in love with Colorado and don't anticipate ever going back to heat and humidity! Our home is in the "foothills" at an elevation of 8,100 feet with breath-taking views of the Arapaho National Forest. Come see it sometime!

Susan Harriman
Executive Assistant for 2 1/2 years to the president of a machinery moving company and a mechanical contracting company. Formerly in insurance for 20+ years (claims, customer service, sales, etc.) John (stepson), 25, Angela (stepdaughter), 21, and granddaughter, 2 - all living in Sapulpa, OK. 2 cats

Paul Heffington
From Memphis to sleepy Shreveport, LA, for 4 of the best years of my life at Centenary College, followed by a Kentucky seminary fellowship and my disillusionment with myself as a pastor - born of my own impatience, immaturity, and certainty that all who opposed me were ignorant or scoundrels. My father died (major sorrow of life #1) while in college, and the school responded by supplementing the Merit scholarship for 100% no cost continuation. A brief typical sojourn in the life and health insurance industry, followed by a number of years in Louisiana in child protection and mental health and substance abuse. A marriage in 1976 (Major joy of life #1) which is ending as I write, to my sorrow and lasting regret (major sorrow of life #3), to a lovely and talented but insecure woman whom I love still, but who has made another choice. Adopted my stepson (major joy of life #2). Birth of my daughter (major joy of life #3). Blood incompatibilities (major sorrow of life #2) prevented further children. While in the civil service, a sabbatical and graduate degree in social work. Back to civil service as a clinician and then supervisor of clinicians. Seduced into the for-profit mental health and substance abuse world by freedom, power, and $$$, developed a more mature disillusionment with that industry. Disgusted with it, I left. Having two great kids and a terrific wife, entering private practice successfully in Shreveport. Race riots and burnings near my daughter's school. Recruiters' calls to reenter the corporate world. Opportunity to move to ORLANDO, Florida, to a facility jointly owned by doctors and a private company. Interviews and inspiration. Moving as my son finished high school in Louisiana (1991). In Florida - changes of ownership - and an approach from Lakeland to come restructure the mental health and later addictions departments. A few great years with happiness (I thought) at home and work. Now still happy with work, doing something meaningful in a community, with a hospital with a mission. Got some coordination around age 19 and played some great competitive volleyball and basketball. Kept on dancing. Learned to play bridge and became a semi-addict.
James Roy (Jim) - 25 and pushing 26
Frances Dawn (Dawn) - 20 and thinks she is 26

Carl Hogan
I attended Northwest Comm. College for 1 year and Memphis State for 1 year. I worked construction work for 23 years. In about 1994 I received a job offer from Essex Ind., a sales and marketing firm that represents 4 factories. We sell commercial grade doors and locks. My distributors are located in West Tennessee and Mississippi. Jean and I were fortunate enough to have two wonderful children.
Benjamin, 21 - junior at MS State Univ. studying electrical engineering; he is in the Co-op program and works for Georgia-Pacific Inc. in Monticello, MS.
Jeffrey, 20 - sophomore at Delta State University studying music education; he is planning to get his doctorate in music theory; he works summer job at Budd Mayer Food Companies.

Rose Houk
After 20 years of peregrinations, landed in northern Arizona and have lived with my husband here in Flagstaff since 1988. (Note: Flagstaff is NOT desert, but ponderosa pine trees, 7000 feet elevation, 100 inches of snow in winter common, 80 miles from the Grand Canyon.) I'm a freelance writer and editor. We share a wonderful office in a 19th century building downtown. We've tried to resist becoming yuppies by not owning a television set or purchasing a cell phone. We do have several computers, however, and several small, mostly human-powered boats. We do worry about what most baby boomers worry about. I write mostly on natural history topics for national parks and monuments and travel pieces. I love books, quilting, swimming, traveling, walking, gazing at the stars. My parents and brother Kenny and his wife still live in Memphis, so I have occasion to get back there and keep up with what's going on in the old neighborhood. Have also had the good fortune to work in the Smoky Mountains in last several years.

Patsy Hughey (Updated 10/02)
Don and I have been married 15 years now, and we still live in Shelby County. He is still a teacher and I am still in IT management at Southwest TN Community College. We had a rough year last year (2001). As I was going through the most demanding year of my career, Don was diagnosed with cancer. Since having surgery and chemo, he has been fine, and we have faith that he is cured, so our lives are pretty-much back to normal. We now have three wonderful grandsons and a completely empty nest, as our youngest will graduate and get married in the next few months. Now maybe we can think about retiring! We took this whole crew to Disney World this June and had a great time:
Jennifer - married to Elton, a network engineer. Jennifer is an accountant, but is currently a stay-at-home-Mom to Trey, 7, and Beau, 4. They live near us.
Step-daughter Laura Beth - married to Chris, an oil rig supervisor. Laura Beth is finishing her second master's in education, so she can teach during Jonah's school years. Jonah is two. They live in Hattiesburg.
Step-daughter Lisa - engaged to Edd, MTSU student majoring in Business. Lisa will graduate from MTSU in December and will be a nurse. She and Edd will be married in March and plan to live in Murfreesboro.

David Hutchison
Married in 1971 to Shirley Carter of Sparta, TN. Graduated in 1973 from Tennessee Tech University with a BS in Civil Engineering. I have worked for Wm. S. Pollard Consultants in Memphis, Arkhoma Regional Planning Commission in Fort Smith, AR, Harland Bartholomew and Associates in Memphis, and (for the last 13 years) City of Springfield, MO, as transportation planner and traffic engineer. Current position is Traffic Planning Engineer with the City of Springfield. I have been a choir parent and a band parent. I have ridden my bicycle nearly 1,000 miles in the last year and participate in Ozark Greenways, Habitat for Humanity, and the Christian Church.
Lara, 23 - Arizona State University graduate student in Communication Disorders
David William (D.W.), 19 - Truman State University freshman, music major

Al Johnson
CEO - Owner Small Business Loan Source Inc. The company is one of only fourteen companies licensed by U.S. government to be a non-bank lender of business and commercial loans guaranteed by Small Business Adninistration. We make loans in all 50 states.
Heather, 28 - teacher
Haley, 18 - U of Texas freshman
Natalie, 16 - high school sophomore

Judy Johnson
I am still a Flight Attendant for Delta Air Lines after 29 years! I plan to retire at age 55 - 5 1/2 more years and intend to enter social work in the Georgia juvenile justice system, as Atlanta has an awful lot of kids who need some quality adult attention. Mickel and I have been amicably divorced for 15 years and have 2 wonderful sons together. I currently work as an In Flight Service Coordinator on international flights out of Atlanta - still like it but am getting too old!!
Wesley M. Graham, Jr., 21 - Will graduate after fall semester from Univ. of Georgia at Athens; plans to teach social studies and coach baseball; currently spending between semesters in Spain. I will join him and be unable to attend the reunion. I am working his flight home.
Kristopher Matthew Graham, 19 - Working this year for a year "off" before attending Georgia Perimeter College in the fall.

Jo Lyn Key
After too many years in an office, 10 years ago I became a realtor with Marx and Bensdorf. My husband David (D. Beaver) is a musician at heart disguised as a businessman at Time Warner. Everyone in my family seems to be interested in music which has kept me in touch with Chris Lovell (Strings and Things) throughout the years. My family is my life. Between PTA, sports, church, and work there isn't much time for anything else except unless you count renovating our 180 year old tin roofed house.
David and I have twin boys, Nicholas (Nick) and Zachary (Zach) age 14. Next year they will be freshmen at Germantown High School. (Our very own Coach Chism is the principal there.) They do lots of sports, scouting, and are involved in Germantown Baptist Church youth ministries.

David Killebrew (Updated 1/04)
My wife Donna and I still live in the Phoenix area, now in Mesa. My mother is living with us after moving to Arizona a little over a year ago. I am still working for the Forest Service but hardly ever get out in the "forest" anymore. The Tonto National Forest is mostly in desert areas near Phoenix. We manage recreation sites on six large reservoirs where the 3.5 million area residents like to play when it's hot. We get a lot of winter visitors this time of year (they are predicting a high of 77 today-January 9).
Youngest son Ryan just graduated from Northern Arizona University in Flagstaff. He was a computer major and worked the last couple of summers at my office helping maintain the computer system. He has now been hired to do it full-time.
Oldest son Kyle is managing a shoe store in Scottsdale. I stopped by the other day saw a nice pair of $250 sandals. I think I will stick to shopping at Payless.

Charles Leadford
Charles graduated from the University of Tennessee in 1972 on a pre-med curriculum. He began a career that evolved from an interest in computer based medicine and moved into computers, software, and the internet with companies like J&J, Hewlett Packard, and NCR. Along the way, he joined Philips Consumer Electronics where he negotiated and launched "WebTV," the first consumer electronics product that was internet based and forever changed the way people will view their TV as an information and entertainment device. Today, Charles is a partner in a high technology focused, executive search firm based in Austin, Texas. The focus of the business is on emerging companies/markets that occupy the e-commerce, new media, and convergence technologies. Charles and his team recruit the executive level talent that creates the future strategic management teams for these emerging companies.
Hunter - son born December 23, 1998
Emily Katherine (Katie) - daughter born September 19, 1994

John Marable
Spent 20 years in the Navy on nuclear submarines. Got a degree in chemical engineering and mathematics from Vanderbilt. Retired and got divorced in 1990 and returned to MSU for graduate school. (Zurhellen was on my thesis committee.) Now I drink beer, smoke cigars, throw darts, play with computers, and teach 8th grade science.
Tim Wilson (stepson), 30 - children Hailie, 4, and Wyatt, 2.

Chartres McCoy
Hated to, but I finally left Whitehaven 10 years ago! Ha! Own my own cleaning business and live in the Memphis State area now.
Johnny, 28 - Co-owner of horizon Freight Systems in Memphis; son, Nicholas, 1 yr.

Ernie McCracken
Graduated from Hillcrest in ‘68. Attended Memphis State 1968-73. Extracurricular activities included sensitivity groups, demonstrations and marches, pop festivals, intensive consciousness enhancement activities, yoga and meditation, hitchiking around, pulling the fire alarm in the jock dorm late at night during inclement weather to watch them run out in their pajamas, and other similar activities. Dropped out of UT once and MSU twice. Received a bachelor degree in psychology in 1973. Worked at Tennessee Psychiatric Hospital in 1974. Quit to go live in a commune in the Ozarks. Upon returning to Memphis, began work as a land surveyor. Quit surveying in 1976 to join the US Peace Corps. Went to Korea in January 1977 to teach English as a foreign language at Pusan Women's University in Pusan, ROK. Married Jungye, a student at Hansung Women's College in Pusan in October 1978. Moved back to Memphis in spring 1979. Moved to Ventura, California, in 1979. Worked as pipe-fitter and later as an employment counselor. Moved back to Memphis in 1983. Attended grad school and taught freshman English. Quit grad school to start my own business as a business writer. Joined Metaphysics Anonymous. Closed the business in 1988 and worked as a hotel detective. Joined the Masons, but only got up to second degree. In 1990, returned to my chosen field. Worked in mental health units as counselor and later as case manager. Now, in 1999, am totally burned out on trying to help people who have mental, emotional, or addiction problems. Am embarking on a career in real estate. Working as a realtor with Crye-Leike, the largest firm in the Mid-South and fourteenth largest in the USA. Writing fiction and articles in my spare time, as well as taking care of my aquariums (crayfish, cichlids, and local fauna). Have two web sites, both named Camino Surreal Cantina. (http://www.fortunecity.com/victorian/mehetebell/41 and http://www.geocities.com/Athens/Parthenon/3911)
Still married after 20+ years.
Ernest Andrew McCracken - will graduate from high school in the year 2000. He has been offered a summer and part-time winter job as Head Technical Consultant at a local Best Buy computer store, until he graduates.

Shirley Mckee
I attended Blue Mountain College but only attended for 3 years. I work for the Shelby County Election Commission. I have been there since 1976. I am in charge of the Absentee/Early Voting Department. My husband, Michael, is medically retired from the Shelby County Sheriff's Department. Together we have 3 children.
Mickey Blankenship, 32 - lives in Dupo, IL. Married to Kim; works for the Missouri Pacific Railroad.
He has given us two wonderful grandchildren (Christopher age 7 and Amanda age 4).
Robin Blankenship, 28 - lives in Dupo, IL. Works for Nations Bank.
Butch Mckee, 25 - Married to Mandy; looking forward to celebrating their first year of marriage in June.
He is working on his masters at Mid-America Baptist Theological Seminary and works for Conway Truck Lines on the side.

David McKinney
J. J. McKinney, 28
Stephen McKinney, 24
Heather McKinney, 11
Amber McKinney, 8

Deborah Mehler
I am a Marketing Counselor/Move In Coordinator for a retirement community.
Jackie (daughter), 28 - homemaker, 2 children (Kaylon 4, Cameron 2), lives in Tampa, FL, with husband, Kenny
Jason (son), 21 - college student, lives at home

Suzanne Mehler
Amy Cobb, 23 - Married; is floral designer at Busy Bee Florist
Angela Moore, 21 - Married; is full time student at Delta State University; daughter, Ashley, 18 months old; expecting 2nd child August 27, 1999.

Debby Miller
Graduated from Memphis Theological Seminar in May, 1998, with the M.A.R. degree (Master of Arts in Religion); currently a minister of pastoral care at Christ United Methodist Church in Memphis and pursuing further master's level degree work toward the M.Div. Degree (Master of Divinity).
4 dogs and several cats, all rescued

Linda Minton
I am employed by the Shelby County Board of Education and work at Kate Bond Elementary. My husband, Paul, works for Union Planters Bank. Paul and I celebrated our 25th wedding anniversary on March 30th of this year.
James Stephen Russell, 21 - a junior at the University of Memphis where he is majoring in business. He is a member of the marching and concert band where he plays the drums. He belongs to Sigma Chi Fraternity.

Mike Molder
I am Battalion Chief with Shelby County Fire Department. I have been working for the department since 1973. I also serve on the Board of Directors for the Shelby County 911 district. I have just this month retired from the Tennessee Air Guard fire protection section after serving 24 years in the Air Force Reserves. My wife, Paula, is an R.N. at Methodist North Hospital.
4 children, 6 grandchildren

Balynda Moore
Lauren, 21 - college University of N. Texas
Melissa, 18 - college University Central Arkansas

Zina Muffoletto
Gene and I celebrated our 30th wedding anniversary on January 25, 1999. We are happier today than we were in 1968! We moved to Atlanta, Georgia, in 1980 and still love it here. Gene works for AT&T and I work for Shaw Industries, the carpet people, and sell commercial flooring in the Atlanta area. Gene and I are very active with our country club tennis group and play in the largest organized tennis association in the world...The Atlanta Lawn Tennis Association (ALTA). Our favorite vacation place is Destin, Florida, and we go there two to three times a year! We plan to retire in the area.
Justin, 24 - graphic designer; graduated from LaGrange College June, 1998; engaged to be married on November 6, 1999.

Merilyn Neel (Updated 8/03)
I have worked at Baptist Hospital for 32 years, I enjoy doing things with my family and friends. We have a Disney Vacation Club timeshare, and we enjoy going to Disney World and other locations like Washington, DC. I enjoy going to plays at the Orpheum, and we have season tickets. I enjoy swimming, traveling, and just relaxing. (I work 60+ hours a week.) We now take care of our handicapped brother, Ricky, since our Mother passed away in 2000.
Becky, 29 - went to Union University in Jackson, TN, undergrad and University of Tennessee Veterinary School. She is a vet and works at UT Vet school in a post doc position in diagnostics and research.
Tim, 25 - degree in computer engineering at Mississippi State University in Starkville, MS; just got his MBA from USC and has taken a position with Citigroup in NYC. He worked for Intel while working on his MBA.

Sherilyn Neel
I don't have any kids, but Merilyn's kids always consider me their second mom. I enjoy reading, traveling, and taking care of all our animals. Two of our cats just had kittens in May. I work at Baptist Memorial Hospital in Pathology but hope to retire early. I am a member of Gracewood Baptist Church.

Jerenell Norris
Two wonderful sons - Jeremy 26 and Joseph 23

Toni Paige (Updated 2/03)
Alex 17 - will graduate next year and plans to attend a college in Georgia.
My husband and I have purchased a home in Hilton Head SC and will be moving there as soon as Alex graduates from high school. I know.......52 and still have a child in high school.
I made the trip to Europe which was great and then in 2001 went with my family to London and Paris. We attended Wimbledon. (we are tennis players so this was great). London is a wonderful place to visit and we took the train to Paris and I sat in the Eiffel Tower sipping wine......Life is good.

Jim Perrie
Remarried 13+ years - Debbie. Been in New Orleans 17+ years. Work on office equipment. One grandchild with another on the way due anytime (June).
Jamie, 26 - aircraft mechanic; child due June
Rebecca, 23 - has daughter
Brian, 21 - free spirit
Kevin, 16 - 11th grade
Rachel, 12 - 7th grade

Sue Phillips
Employed at Atlantic Pacific Automotive for the past 18 years as purchasing auditor. Member of Covenant Presbyterian Church and Spanish American War Veterans Auxiliary. Care giver for both my parents until their deaths. Still enjoy music, dancing, reading, and exercising

Ann Pickel
I got my degree from Memphis State University in Secondary Education and got married immediately after graduation to Neil Lawrence, an Air Force 2nd Lt. We spent 20 years in the AF with the highlight being 7 1/2 years living in England when we were able to travel extensively with our son, Christopher, in Great Britain, Europe, and Scandinavia. I was always a "stay-at-home mom" doing volunteer work with Cub Scouts and Boy Scouts, PTAs, etc. in the various communities where we lived. After AF retirement, we settled in Ocala, FL, where I had an antique business. In May '95 we divorced and I moved back to Memphis.
Christopher Neil Lawrence, 23 - He's working on his Ph.D. in Political Science at the University of Mississippi.

Pam Queen
After high school, I moved to south Georgia where I discovered a whole 'nother world. Finished college and moved to Atlanta in '70's, never to leave again, except to travel. Have continued to enjoy the outdoors (after Girl Scouts). Married a Great Man in '84 who loves to sail and anything outdoors, i.e. boating, golf, fishing, canoeing. Oh yeah, I do work --- for an engineering firm as office manager.

Linda Ragsdale
Married to Bill Beard, CPA and Senior Vice President of First Tennessee Bank. I serve as Special Projects Consultant for Cardiovascular Associates. Active as community volunteer.
Tiffany Beard Sharp - BSN, RN, Ft. Sanders hospital, Knoxville, TN
Krissy Beard - Masters of Education, Elementary teacher, Kingsport City Schools
Jennifer Beard - junior, East Tennessee State University, Johnson City, TN
Whitney Beard - junior, Dobyns Bennet High School, Kingsport, TN

Dale Rast
Worked for 25 years at Boatmen's National Mortgage Company as Director of Escrow Services. When NationsBank and Boatmen's merged, I relocated to Atlanta and work at Companion Servicing Co. as Customer Service Manager. Was a single parent tor 13 years until 1993 when Sarah and I married. We have joined the "empty-nesters" crowd and love it.
Delayne Rast, 26 - BAMA Grad, Critical Care Nurse at LeBonheur.
David Rast, 24 - attended Lambuth, works for Huey's
Michael Cullen, 24 - attended UT-Martin and UoM, married with two children, works at FedEx.

Gini Rich
Tem (WHS '67) and I have been married for 27 years. We are very proud parents of three wonderful children. I stay very busy with my own business making fine children's clothes. I'm also an avid gardener.
Manche, 26 - married; architect in New York City
Creighton, 20 - Hendrix College; hopes to enter medical school fall 2000; engaged
Amelia, 19 - UT Knoxville; nursing

Tom Rigsby
Lauren, 21 - college University of N. Texas
Melissa, 18 - college University Central Arkansas

John Roberts
After graduation I attended the university of Tennessee and graduated from UT Martin in 1972. I met Kathy (Evans) while in college. She was attending school in Memphis. We were married in 1974. We do not have any children. (This year we celebrated our 25th anniversary with a trip to Hawaii.) In 1976 I received an MBA from Memphis State University and received my JD from the Memphis State Law School in 1981. I passed the Bar Exam in 1981 and began my practice with a law firm in downtown Memphis that same year. I opened my own office in 1985 and moved my office to Bartlett in 1986.

Wanda Roberts
'73 married Jimmy; December, 1973, B.S.E. from MSU; '74-'75 taught Jr. high family living; '76-'79 medical secretary at U. Va. in Charlottesville, Virginia; '79 daughter born in Lake Park, Florida; '81-'98 lived in Rogers, Arkansas and enjoyed boating, camping, canoeing, and gardening; October, 1998, moved just south of Fort Worth, Texas. My husband has a Ph.D. in material science and is the Director of Research at Gearhart RockBit Int'l.
Laura, 19 - will begin college in the fall to study science. She works at RPS part-time.

Patti Rucker
Professor University of Memphis, Consumer Science 2? years
Married to David C. Bradford (WHS '67) for 29 years
I have been with the Univer. of Memphis for 20 years teaching design graduate and undergraduate classes to Consumer Science students. My classes involve residential design, kitchen design, and 20th Century design, specializing in art, residential architecture and the decorative arts. My MFA was in painting and design so some of this relates. I spend my summers painting; I have been fortunate in that most of my work is commissioned work! I have had work in several national juried exhibitions as well as some exhibition work in Memphis. I have work in the permanent collections of the Cotton Council Offices in Washington, D. C., College of Engineering at Mississippi State University, and the University of Memphis and in private collections as far away as Phoenix, Ariz., Atlanta, Ga., and Naples, Fla. At the University I am chair of the University Social Discipline Committee, a member of the Faculty Senate, and the Undergraduate Curriculum Committee. I average 25 graduate and undergraduate advisees every year and teach a full 12 hour load both Fall and Spring semesters. Every other year I take students to New York City to the design markets, etc.
David Jr. Graduate Student Miss State Mechanical Engineering
Jason, Freshman Auburn, Exercise Science and Phys Therapy

Becky Ryan
Chad, 27, four step-daughters, three grandchildren

Billy Sproles
Linda, Brad (our son), and I work together in the family business, Artisan Frame & Moulding.
Jennifer, 27 - Ole Miss grad; married, lives in DC, Assistant Chief of Staff to Trent Lott
Brad, 23 - Ole Miss grad; single, lives in Memphis, works with us in family business

Joyce Streuding
I'm an Image Product Specialist for a large company in San Antonio. Recently divorced and on my own. Also an empty-nester and staying way too busy but loving life! Still traveling quite a bit and finding enough time for all the special people in my life.
Wayne Wagner - USC graduate; married, wife - Steph, one child - Dillon (20 months), next baby due March 22
Eric Temprovich - TGI Friday's (5 years); fiancee - Kara Simentilli, will marry 6/12/99 in Vermont
Nicole Temprovich, 18 - student at University of Texas, lives on campus; graduated Magna Cum Laude from high school; traveled through Europe last summer

Etta Talbert (Updated 3/04)
I left Memphis, Tennessee, in June 1974 and lived in Idaho for 21 years. While there, I hunted, fished, four-wheeled, snowmobiled, etc. Worked off and on for the State of Idaho, DHW, and miscellaneous local businesses. Moved back to the Memphis area in August 1995 with my daughter Jody. Jody’s dad remains in Idaho and is now retired from the US Army Corps of Engineers at Orofino, ID. I work a lot and keep busy doing just that. I believe that my life is just beginning at 53 (soon to be 54)—now I know what I like and don’t like. I like music, singing, the theater, movies, reading, photography, hiking, walking, watching sports games, and learning all I can everyday. Since living in the Pacific Northwest, I describe myself as "a southern rebel with grace in my heart!" I might hurt you, but I will be sorry that it hurt!! I own my own house in Southaven, MS, and I have two cats named Omar and Sadie that are my only responsibility now. It just keeps getting better. I am enjoying my life and look forward to whatever the future may bring. I live with joy in my heart knowing that when the time is right, I may just meet that someone who wants to share life in a wonderful and joyous way. And if I don’t, that’s okay, too. I just have the one child. Jody, now 24, lives just across Highway 61 from the Grand Casino in the Tunica MS area and works in the Transportation Department Department. She is single and has two cats named Havoc and Little Bit—guess these are my grandkids!! NOW…an update to my update…I am getting married on Saturday, May 22, 2004, to a former high school friend from Little Rock, AR. His name is Allen Eakin, and we are having so much fun together. Plan to travel to see the USA country and the world as possible. He still plays his drums and has them set up in his house. Since that's there, we now have a karaoke system set up for our own entertainment. We both love music. Allen is retired from the Air Force and is now working as a Project Manager for ISC. He is also a Federal Marshall and works with the US Homeland Security Department. I always look forward to hearing from any of you from Hillcrest High. For being so upset to leave my lifelong high school in Little Rock, AR, my senior year at HHS turned out to be so much fun…for that I am grateful to all of you. Get in touch with me, and let’s stay in touch. See ya soon!! Etta

Richard Tate
Attended University of Tennessee undergraduate and law school. Worked as staff attorney for financial planning firm in Knoxville until starting my own investment management practice, The Tate Group, in 1984. I've been doing that ever since and currently manage about $200 million for 250 clients.
Erin, 19 - is a freshman at UT Knoxville
Matthew, 16 - is being home schooled

Brenda Thompson
Brenda was married to Denny Thomas (Class of '67) who is the father of her children, Pam and Stacey. Brenda suffered a major stroke during open heart surgery in January, 1987. She has made remarkable progress during the past 12 years. She was not expected to live, but she fought with a vengence and is now living on her own at St. Peter's Manor (a retirement/independent living facility). Brenda lost her ability to speak, but she is easily understood by her family. She enjoys shopping, movies, and dining out. Her youngest daughter, Pam, recently moved to a beautiful area in North Carolina, and Brenda is looking forward to spending time visiting the area.
Stacey Thompson, 30 - lives with her husband, Joseph A. Kelly, Jr. (Tony) in Germantown; BS and MS
Pam Thompson Breckwoldt, 29 - lives with her husband (Dr. Reid Breckwoldt) in Mooresville, NC; BS

Teresa Thurmon
After H.S. I went to M.S.U. for 4 years; graduated with B.S. Biology; later attended nursing school and got my R.N. license. Married at age 28; have been in Florida for 16 years. Love to garden!
Bethany April, 20
Amy Lauren, 18

Todd Traylor
Graduated Oklahoma State University in 1972. Married 27 years, wife is Sandy. Two kids, Scott and Sharon. Empty nest. No pets. Live in Washington, DC, area but not responsible for the foolishness here. Started and run small company. Love to travel and hope to retire someday.
Scott, 22 - college grad, married, doing youth ministry
Sharon, 20 - junior in college, nursing

Jeanne Vinson
Worked at Postal Service for 31 years. Graduated college with BS in Organizational Mgmt. Have 3 children, one granddaughter, and one stepson. Third marriage and hopefully last.
Shana Jeannine Fulwood, 24 - BS-Psychology, RN; I daughter
Brandon Vinson Fair, 22 - Junior at State Tech, electrician
Adam Davis Fair, 18 - Senior at Southaven High
Nathan McAfee, 11 - Horn Lake Middle School

Kathy Ward
Melanie - married, children Jay and Taylor

Ann Watson
After graduating from Abilene Christian College in Texas, I came back to Memphis to get my masters in Education at Memphis State. I taught 3rd and 5th grade for 12 years before "retiring" to stay home with my children - after waiting so long to have them. I am teaching again and Richard Tate's niece happens to be in my 4th grade class this year! Freddie and I live in Cordova - near Germantown - with our 2 children. He is a publishing consultant with a company that does regional community cookbooks.
Andrew, 12 - 6th grade, going into 7th
Mary Elizabeth, 8 - 2nd grade, going into 3rd

Carol Whisenhunt
After graduation went to UT Martin for a year, left to get married, went to work for Bell South and still there after almost 29 years. Divorced after 14 years. Hobbies are camping, gardening, reading, woodworking, and activism in the area of lesbian and gay civil rights. I am also a breast cancer survivor. no children - a dog and a cat are my babies (Tootles the cat and Magic the dog)

Nancy White
I've been married to Jack for 30 years. Have been employed for 25 years at US Office Products as a purchasing agent.
Patrick Clay Johnson, 28 - respiratory therapist at Methodist Hospital
Kelly C. Lumpkin, 25 - RN in ICU at Baptist Mem. Hospital East

Cynthia Wilson
Graduated with Bachelor of Science degree at Memphis State University. Graduated with Doctor of Medicine degree 1975 from University Center for Health Sciences. Married 1975 to Larry Carruth (pulmonologist). Pathology residency at Baptist Memorial Hospital 1976-1980. Air Force - stationed at Keeter Air Force Base in Biloxi, MS, 1980-1982. Pathologist - Regional Hospital in Jackson, TN, 1983-1998. Now part-time professor at Union University in Jackson, TN, and Medical Director of Lab Corp of America at Jackson, TN, and Paris, TN.
Stephanie, 20 - U.T. Martin sophomore; pre-med major
Eric, 14 - 7th grade at Univ School of Jackson

Vicki Wilson
Been married 29 years; I have been teaching 24 years (elementary, middle, and now high school); graduated from Lambuth College, Masters from Ole Miss; also been Asst. Principal at elementary level; Husband graduated Ole Miss, football coach (head) at Indep., MS, Ripley, TN, Southaven, MS, now Principal at Brighton High.
Amy Rye, 28 - Married; R.N.
Grant, 24 - Single; Industrial Technology major, Mississippi State University

Connie Wright
occupation: registered nurse working for a gulf coast resort and conference center
marital status: divorced
I live alone in a tiny cottage on the water in a place that the "locals" call "PARADISE." I enjoy the most beautiful sunrises, sunsets, and ocean breezes in the world. My life is a fairytale because I am living my dreams each and every day.
child: one daughter, Dean, who recently graduated "with honors" with a degree in public relations and P.R. advertising.

Linda Yates
Billy, Brad (our son), and I work together in the family business, Artisan Frame & Moulding.
Jennifer, 27 - Ole Miss grad; married, lives in DC, Assistant Chief of Staff to Trent Lott
Brad, 23 - Ole Miss grad; single, lives in Memphis, works with us in family business

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