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July 1, 2006

The Class of '66 held its 40 year reunion at the Grand Casino Convention Center in Tunica, MS, June 9-11, 2006. Here's a link to some of Don Wilder's pictures.

Don Wilder '66

On July 12, 2005, several Hillcrest alumni met at Coletta's in Memphis for a mini-reunion. Here are links to some pictures taken by alumni that night:

Kate Lewis '70 Suzan Schubert '70

These are links to some photos taken by alumni at the reunion in May 2004. Click on a name to see their pictures.

Cindy Anderson '68 Dennis Cornwell '68 Judy McLean '67
Linda Omedeo '70 Pam Caldwell '68 Terri Naab '67
Eddie Haney '70 Jerry Cupples '69 Cary Rawlings '67
Remember that you can save these pictures on your computer. Just right click the picture and choose Save Picture As. To speed up download time and save bandwidth, I've reduced the quality of these picture files. If you want the original file (for printing), let me know and I'll e-mail it to you.

To buy individual and group reunion photos, go to Pete's web site and click on Client Events. The last time I checked, he still had the photos on his web site.

Pete has given me smaller versions of the group photos, and we have identified just about everyone in them. If you see any mistakes, let me know. If you like these pictures, order an 8 X 10 from Pete.
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If you have any old class photos or other pictures of alumni, scan them and e-mail them to me. Save them as JPG files. Here are the pictures that I have received so far. Click on a link and the picture will open in a new browser window.

Class of 1968 Alumni, Graceland Elem. 6th grade

Class of 1970 Alumni, Graceland Elem. 5th grade

Class of 1970 Alumni, Graceland Elem. 6th grade

Class of 1968 Alumni, Graves Elem. Cheerleaders

1964 Graceland Recreation Club Swim Team

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