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July 17, 2016

The Bulletin Boards are where we once had discussions about reunions and all sorts of other stuff. They are at QuickTopic and they are very easy to use. Instructions are below.

Since Skip died, nobody uses the BBs much anymore except for spammers trying to sell us Viagra and other drugs. Sadly, they are pretty good at finding their target audience. Haha! I'll leave the links here, but it's really a ghost town over there. Sorry about that.


The bulletin boards are at Quicktopic.com. To keep the message lists manageable, they have been split up by class and by topic. But there really are no rules. Just have fun with them.

They are very easy to use:

1. Click on the Bulletin Board link to go to the bulletin board web site and read the messages. When you click on a link, the bulletin board will open in a new browser window.
2. Click on the orange button that says "Post a new message"
3. Type your message and click on the "Submit message" button

You don't have to sign up for anything.
General Comments Class of '66 Class of '67
Political Views Class of '68 Class of '69
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(The Recipes/Weather BB was formerly the Hurricane BB, the Weather BB, and the Favorite Recipes and Fad Diets BB. The name may change periodically, but the link stays the same. Just click on it and be surprised.)


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