Class of 1967

December 29, 2006

The Class of '67 held their 40 year reunion June 1-3, 2007, at the Grand Veranda Resort in Tunica, Mississippi.

Be sure to look at the list of Lost Alumni for this class. Clicking on that link will open the list in a new browser window, so print a copy and start looking for your classmates. Don't be too surprised if you see your name there. That just means we're not certain about your address, so please contact us so we won't continue to spend time looking for you. If you have any information on these classmates, let us know.

Lynn Carrier created the Class of '67 Alumni Profiles page for the reunion in 2004. Reconnecting with his classmates brought him great joy, and he will be missed at future reunions. To keep his spirit alive we are keeping the Profiles page as Lynn designed it. If you would like to add your information to the Profiles, send an e-mail to Cindy and she will add it to Lynn's page. If you prefer snail mail, just download the Alumni Profiles document file and mail it to the address on that page.

We have e-mail addresses for quite a few alumni of the class of '67. Their names are listed below. If you would like to contact someone, write to Cindy at this address.

Your message will be forwarded to your classmate (so watch what you say).

We have e-mail addresses for:

Sally Adams
Barbie Beeman
Debbie Barnette
Linda Breazeale
Charles Brigance
C. Y. Brock
Richard Brooks
Wayne Brown
Tresa Gail Cagle
Beth Caldwell
Cindy Caldwell
Libby Carithers
Rickey Carwile
Anita Colston
Suzanne Cook
Alan Cooper
Bob Daniel
Tom Dickens
Johnnie Dill
Larry DeGarmo
Diane DeVore
Danny Eberhart
Carolyn English
Carolyn Fanning
James W. Frost
Gary Gaston

Mike Hackett
Gary Harlan
Teresa Hobbs
John Holt
Sam Howell
Judy Ives
Jackson, Debbie
Johnny Joe
Stephen Johns
Tom Jones
Walter Justin
Margaret Loomis
Zootie Loosier
Richard Maingault
Barbara Martin
Don McAffee
Betty Jo McCullar
Neil McElroy
Judy McLean
Carolyn Moore
Sharon Moore
Jimmy Mulroy
Terri Naab
Drew Nicholas
Nick Owens
Michael Parham
John Parsons
George Peeler
Gail Pierce
Brenda Pitts
Wayne Presson

Steve Rawlings
Cary Rawlings
Jean Rattelsdorfer
Carla Renfro
Danny Rhea
Fred Rice
Lucy Ridley
Sammy Roberts
Karen Rose
Kay Rutland
Elise Seamans
Stanly Sellers
Steve Simpson
Jacquie Smallwood
Bill Smith
Wendy Soderlund
Brenda Tankersley
Denny Thomas
Terry Traylor
Suzanne Van Pelt
Vernon Walker
Danny Wedding
Robert Wiley
Kay Williams
Randy Williams
Vicki Wright
Mike Younger

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